There are many people who want a new job but what they are doing isn’t helping. Too many use out of date and ineffective techniques and think that using job boards will be enough, but it’s not.
You probably know that helping people with job search is one of my key work areas, I’m very good at what I do and I’m seen as an expert (with 5 books written on this subject) and regularly asked to comment in the press.
The people I support in their job search decrease their time to get a new job and are far more likely to be successful at interview than left to work through on their own.  But many people who need my help can’t afford to spend £1000+ on a personalised in-depth job search programme.
I’ve kept my head down for the past few months working on a cost effective means of providing job search help and I’m now almost ready to launch it to the world.
Rather than include a very detailed sales orientated email, which is not my style, I’d rather point you to the site. So if you are curious you can go and look and if not you can delete this message.
Highlights include 56 videos to cover every single topic so you will feel like I am talking to you. These are supported by eBooks, leaflets, exercises, web links … everything you need.
Once I get the site finalised I’ll be marketing it at £197, but up till Sunday lunchtime if you want to be one of my early adopters you can have access for a full 6 months for £127, a massive £70 saving. PLUS I’ll be adding in some extras too such as a fortnightly phone seminar … just need to work on the detail.
If you would rather wait before signing up, and to take a guided tour via webinar, I’ll get these organised for w/c 11 or 18 June but  I need a week to recover.
I’ve created this alongside my next book – Get That Job! (part of the Icon Books, Introducing Practical Guides) and I feel like I’ve been writing non-stop since January – I have! So I’m taking a break.
I am so proud of this project, and have thoroughly enjoyed creating the videos – you get me on demand! Here’s a flavour of a video, but the programme comes with downloads, links, eBooks as appropriate.
Any comments or questions do get in touch.
Denise x

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