Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in all aspects of our online lives.

You may not be happy with technology and prefer the personal approach. You can still do this – you make contact with people and arrange to meet them but recognise that much of the recruitment process is now being automated.
Let me look at how Artificial Intelligence is used in the recruitment process.


Artificial Intelligence software is used to spot any bias in the language used and to create job descriptions to appeal to a more diverse range of candidates.


Cookies can identify sites you have visited and thus send you targeted ads. If you have already been looking at job vacancies for e.g. a marketing manager you will see more ads related to this.


AI will review details held on people who previously applied to see if any fit with the needs of a new job opening.  This could be a good thing, and you may get a request to interview out of the blue!


Chat bots are used to ask screening questions and to answers FAQs. Answers are then passed on to a recruiter. We see similar on many websites we visit where the box pops up and asks if we need help.


Alongside traditional psychometric tests, emotional and cognitive ability can be assessed via neuroscience games. As a psychologist I’m not always sure of the validity of some of the tests used in recruitment but we need to be aware these could be used.


More companies are using video interviews. Software is now used to see if the behaviour matches with expected. It can identify people who look away from the screen too much – to check on their answers, or if there is a voice in the background, feeding the candidate answers.
Companies are also using facial and speech recognition to shortlist candidates. This can avoid the unconscious bias that impacts many interviews.

Be on the look out for the use of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment; I’d love to hear of your experience, feel free to make a note in the comments below. And, if I can help with your job search please get in touch.

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