Yesterday I spoke with 27 local radio stations on the need for online skills as part of BBC Learning and Get Connected Project. Some were live others were recorded. I blogged about this yesterday.

Today’s post builds on the discussions I had with the radio presenters.

If you don’t have computer skills

If you have never used a computer before and need access, pop along to your local post office and they will provide you with a print out of the 5 places closest to where you live where you can access a computer. This will include a local library.

When you go explain that you need help. They may assume a level of knowledge so speak up and tell them that you need very basic guidance. You may need to make an appointment.

Once you get online a great place to start is BBC Webwise and there are links to masses of resources. (Site is no longer live)


This includes links to access games to develop mouse and keyboard skills


 This includes

  • How do I get broadband?
  • What is broadband speed?
  • What is a web browser?
  • What is a search engine?
  • How do I get email?
  • What is internet security?


with basic exercises via this link –

Why you need basic online skills

Job search has changed. Many people who need to find a new job are facing a very different situation to perhaps 8 or more years ago. Many jobs are only advertised available online, and once you find a job you often need to complete online forms or email a CV and cover letter.

Before applying for a job you can also use the interne for research – both to find out more about the sort of job you want to apply for and to create a stronger application.

As most people are using the Internet it takes us to the same level as others but key benefits are that the internet enables us to

  • REALLY research a company and create a great application
  • Find out more about companies using Twitter and LinkedIn alongside an internet search
  • Find out jobs that aren’t advertised normally. Companies are Tweeting about jobs.
  • Network with people working in the type of work you seek.

It can all seem a bit overwhelming, so take things at your own pace – you don’t need to be on Facebook, Twitter …. just focus on what you need now, and build confidence before looking at something new.

Top tips for using the internet to get a job

  • Research to help you find out as much as you can about options and to choose the sort of job you want
  • Research to create a great application, making sure you match the requirements of the job, but also finding out as much as you can about the company
  • Make sure your CV is ready for the computer shortlisting systems – need to use key words
  • Research to find out more about the interviewer

And you may be trying to set up your own business so you can get a website or a Facebook presence.

 What we need to be wary of?

  • Identity fraud, don’t include your address and other personal details on an uploaded CV – just an email address is fine.
  • Adjust the privacy settings so you only share information you are comfortable with.
  • Use your common sense, not every job advertised exists and never pay out money.

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