What clients say about Denise as their Career Coach

I’m updating my website, found these quotes at the bottom of one of my pages. It’s always good to get positive feedback.

I‘m sure people have made nice comments to you on things you have done, related to your work or ypou being a lovely person; find those comments and keep them where you can refer to them again.

Wonderful job, Denise. You have helped me take the ‘oh so important step’ of finally being able to distance myself from a job which made me unhappy for years. The future is bright – thanks so much.

I have a much better understanding of my own skills and abilities as well as a plan for my career in the short, medium and longer term.

Thank you so much for your help, guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge and overall positive and energetic attitude. I know that I made the right decision to use you as my career coach.

I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments that you provide, pieced together they provide an amazing insight. This mixed with your knowledgeable, helpful and patient career coach services is a potent mixture for instigating change.

The way in which you guided me through the test results and helped me to come up with a workable plan was excellent. Your detailed understanding of how our personality types affect our working lives was extremely useful here.

I learnt so much about myself using the internet-based tests along with your skilled interpretations. Almost a year on I am still applying what I learned and considering your advice as a career coach as I take each step towards a new career and a much more sustainable work life balance.

Making a career change in one’s mid-thirties can be a daunting task, but the path ahead seems far less daunting, thanks largely to your professional and caring work as a career coach.

Our work together has allowed me to recognise and re-kindle my continuing passion for science and innovation, understand my preferred work style and identify the roles that are most likely to match this style … As well as the content of our work, I have really appreciated your open and supportive career coaching style.

Working with you has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I also want to thank you for providing such a personal service and for advice on job applications and interviews that provided invaluable. I only wish I’d come to see you years ago.

I have found your services as a career coach far surpassed my expectations; not only have I learned about what careers would suit my abilities and interests, I have also learned so much about myself which I feel I can apply to all aspects of my life.

Reaching 40 was a halfway stage in life and a good opportunity to reflect back on my past career/lifestyle as well as to learn more about myself in terms of my abilities and personality. I particularly liked taking the psychometric tests online as I found this more relaxing. I could split them up over a period of time.

Your professional experience and qualifications made a big difference in my search for a career coach, I felt that I was working with someone who had not simply changed career to become an “instant” coach, as was the case for many coaches that I researched.

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