Introducing the career discovery initiative

Imagine knowing yourself and knowing your perfect career. Imagine …

So many people are unhappy in their work and know there must be something better out there, but what? There are so many possibilities and before making a major decision you need to do research and analysis.
More people get in touch with me to help them understand who they are and to reach a career decision than those who approach me seeking job search support. They appreciate that to be effective in job search they need to know who they are, what’s important to them, what they want to do with their life and all this self understanding is the essential pre-requisite to career research before making a decision on the type of job to apply for.
But not everyone is looking for a new job. Others seek to know more about themselves to help them be more effective in their job and to get greater fulfilment from their wider life.
When we are unhappy, or dissatisfied in our job it becomes more manageable when the rest of our life is going well, having other interests or for example adapting a job to suit our personal style will make an impact on our happiness.

Read on for details of a new, free 7 day programme. If you want to know more about who you are and to have more self knowledge to help make career decisions this will be invaluable.

I set up Amazing People over 14 years ago to help people who wanted to love their job, and that’s the reason for my newsletter title.
Loving your job is about knowing who you are, understanding what’s out there and demonstrating to a potential employer that you are a great match.
The first step is to know yourself.
Many of my subscribers have worked one to one with me, and they’ve got immense value through coaching sessions, self reflection and assessments.
Many other subscribers have limited funds and when every penny counts I appreciate that paying to work one to one with me may be beyond their means.
I’ve spent several months reviewing and revising every aspect of my career discovery programme.
I returned to my very first version I created 20 years ago, and I’ve brought back some of the earlier activities. They are useful!
I’ve also brought it up to date, with video introductions and additional mp3 tracks to download. For less than the price of an hour working one to one with me you can get an extensive programme and for the next 7 days you get 25% off.
for several months I’ve been busy, working on a new initiative – a complete update of my Career Discovery Programme. As a perfectionist I’m still fine tuning the site but it’s good to go.
Whilst I’d love you to go ahead and sign up right away, to help you understand more about what you will get I’ve created a 7 day taster series.

To get this brand new programme with 7 exercises from this new Career Discovery Initiative you need to sign up using this email –

Or head over to to read all the detail.

Decide to take the Career Discovery Initiative and I’ve got a 25% discount for the next 7 days. So don’t miss out.

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Career Discovery Initiative Launches today –  25% off for 7 days

It’s been such a busy time, but also a satisfying time and I’m proud of what I’ve completed and I’d love you to take a look. Next project is to focus on Graduates.

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