4 weeks into my ‘being fit and healthy campaign’ and a disappointment.

Not in what the calipers and tape measure said – 3.5cm off bust and hips,and more from round my middle is good, but the scales only showed a 1/2lb loss this week. In the past I would have thought ‘fair enough’ and I would know it’s a reflection on having cheated. But I haven’t!

Ben tells me that muscle is heavier than fat, but it is still hard as, like most women, it is what the scales say that is most important to me.

Since last week I’ve found my black linen trousers now zip up and fit, although slightly snug and I can fit in my tweed trousers as well, so that’s good news.

This past week I’ve kept to my plan – 3 healthy meals and 3 mini snacks with 4 intensive gym training sessions.  Since Friday I’ve also been taking Psyllium Husks to aid detox and thus help with weight loss. It’s a bit wierd, and I need to mix a spoonful of this in water and drink straight after each main meal.  so now I’m taking vitamin pills, fish oil and this after each main meal and just fish oil after a snack.

One thing I’m noticing is that I’ve got a few spots – this must be the detox as I’ve had no alcohol, fatty food or chocolate for a month now – it’s amazing as I would never have imagined it could be so easy.

for this coming week I’m starting on carb cycling. This means that for the next 14 days I’m going to be even stricter in what I eat – so good bye fruit till the 15th day.

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