I’m working on the networking chapter, many people fear networking. This can be

Fear about networking
You are not the first or only person who needs to find another job. It is more than likely that some of your primary contacts will have shared the same experience or have a relation who has done so.

Fear of the unknown
This is nearly always based on the fact that people have not tried to network before or have done so once in a half hearted way.

Fear of refusal
This has much in common with the second concern. People who have used networking in establishing and promoting themselves will tell you it is rare they get an outright rejection. The contact may not be able to give any useful advice or help but that is not rejection. Of course you will get some people who don’t want to meet with you. It can help to use LinkedIn to build online connections with people you know less well. If you do get a refusal, don’t take it personally, since you don’t know the reason.

Fear of being judged
There may be a part of you that will be worried about what the other person will think of you. You may believe that they will judge you for your misfortunes; if e.g., you have lost your job. Maybe some people will. However, your real friends and allies will not. It is ok to be afraid. It is not ok to let the fear stop you.

Fear of being thought to beg or to seek charitable help
You are being an adult and asking for advice. Most people love to help others.

Fear of ‘letting down’ their contact
This is by turning out to be less capable than they have appeared. We can sometimes have negative feelings if we are getting low with our job search. One way to tackle this is to do something.

Do any of these reasons hold you back/ What can you do to address these?

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