I’ve received feedback from a client who took the Highlands Ability Battery as she didn’t know what to do, career wise, and was certainly unhappy in her current job. 

She said
‘Many thanks for sending over my jobs shortlist, the Next Steps booklet and the important factors for me to consider for my career. It was great to meet you the other day, and I definitely found our chat informative and inspiring.
I’ve been thinking about all that we discussed and the test results this weekend. I’m feeling much more excited and motivated about it all now, I think because suddenly you’ve shown me lots of potential options where I could put my abilities to good use, whereas before I was finding it pretty difficult to see anything that I could realistically move into, that I would actually be able to enjoy or be good at. It’s also been interesting theorising about why certain jobs from my past may not have been right for me, based on some of the results on the Highlands, and also why I might have randomly been quite good at other jobs or tasks, like troubleshooting during events, and helping students to solve multiple practical problems with their studies and lives!
I’m now itching to do some more music production and technology stuff, even if only for a hobby for now, and to try out some other new hobbies, definitely some more active stuff like aerobics, and perhaps get hold of the Lego Mindstorms kit to mess about with robotics and engineering type stuff, while I plan and move forwards with my career change.’
She’s now ready to research some jobs.
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Published On: June 29th, 2009 / Categories: Assessments /

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