How To Find A Job You Love

“Each one of us has a dream somewhere inside. It is your most direct link to the person you really are and what you really should be doing. Find your dream. Find out what it is and then go for it.” Tom Clancy



Nearly 90% of people want careers that give purpose to their life and for most people their present job doesn’t do it.

This complimentary series – How To Find A Job You Love will help you to move beyond dissatisfaction with your current work towards finding a job you love. Learn what you need to do to get it right.

Be patient and allow yourself time.  Don’t forget how much time and effort you put into choosing a holiday and that only lasts a couple of weeks. You need to be thorough for success if you want to work on How To Find A Job You Love.

I’m going to explain why you need to explore your personality, skills and abilities, interests, values, ideal work environment along with longer term goals and considering your constraints. All will help you  Find A Job You Love

Here’s what is coming up over the next 8 days. You’re going to hear a lot from me so set up a folder to keep everything together and at any time if you think it would be helpful for us to talk, you can schedule a consultation.

  • DAY 1 Who am I?
  • DAY 2 What am I good at? Abilities and Skills
  • DAY 3 What gets you excited? What do you love to do?
  • DAY 4 What’s important to you in life? (hint: your values)
  • DAY 5 Have a clear vision of your future work environment
  • DAY 6 Life Goals and Longer-term goals
  • DAY 7 Getting real
  • DAY 8 Taking Stock

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