I have written an article for Saga Magazine – How to Find Work in Later Life

Here’s an introduction to the article and you can read more online. It was written to go with an article – Carry on working. It is written to tie up with Brexit, and the need to keep more of us in work. People can stay in their job longer, switch career or return to work.

Be clear WHY you want to return to work
Is it for the money, your pension isn’t enough to meet your needs? Or for companionship – you enjoy the camaraderie from work? Perhaps you want to develop yourself and learn and earn. Being clear on why will make research easier.

Decide WHAT to do
You can do more of the same; you were an office manager and now want to work closer to home or part-time. You might want less stress, so working in a small fashion/food retail environment would be perfect. Or there might be something you really want to do and want to retrain – there are many apprenticeship schemes aimed at older workers. Make a list of everything you would love to do, get any ideas on paper. Also, research growth jobs e.g. information security analysts, data analysts, roles within Architecture, and a wide range of jobs within personal services and health care. Research online and then talk with people. Narrow things down to 2 or 3. One that will be easy, but also a couple of jobs you would love to do. Using a career coach could help to make this happen.

Understand your skill set
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