I’ve been talking with my clients about getting emotional prepared for a new job.  It’s exciting to get a new job, and a real relief when people have been out of work for some time. I think a new job is a time to take stock.

Think about a routine,

and one that you can keep to. if you know you have a tendency to prioritise work, make sure you diary time for yourself. If you tend to procrastinate, make sure to focus on the task.

Think about your health

making sure you eat properly, get some exercise, at the very least a brisk walk each day, and you take time to switch off and relax before work. If you worry about the new job, write your concerns down and then review them again the next day when you are alert.

Have a realistic plan

Don’t try and work at 125% from day 1, pace yourself or when you drop to a normal pace it will seem like you are shirking

Have people to support you

Family and loved ones who will provide emotional suport and practical help too as you do less around the house!

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