The 2nd edition of my book has a different layout. The book is divided into 7 sections:

Section 1 – Getting Ready
Job search is a project and you need to be prepared. This section will help you to get organised, create a job search plan – with a downloadable file of forms to help you – be clear on what you want to do, and introduce you to different ways to get a job.

Section 2 – First Steps of Job Search
Now you know what you want to do you can create your CV, create an effective LinkedIn profile, and be clear on the message you want to communicate to others. This section provides effective and easy-to-follow guidance to get started on your job search.

Section 3 – Finding Things Out
Effective job search involves finding things out – through informal connections with people, fact-finding interviews and online research. This section provides effective and easy to follow guidance on how to do all three.

Section 4 – Traditional Job Search
The traditional way of finding a job is to look for one that’s been advertised, and then to apply. However, this is the most competitive way of finding a job, so you need to create high-quality applications based on comprehensive research. This section will guide you in creating effective applications, cover letters and how to get the best out of working with recruitment agencies.

Section 5 – Active Job Search
Using CVs, cover letters and recruitment consultancies are passive ways to get a job. You need to be active, too, and do something different. Rather than wait to find a job, you can seek out opportunities. This is going beyond networking to being highly proactive. This section will show you how to make contact with companies, and introduce you to the many ways of getting found and to step ahead from those still using traditional methods.

Section 6: Selection
The purpose of job search is to get to interview. You will have already undertaken extensive research to apply for the job. Once you get shortlisted you need to prepare for interview, psychometric tests and the assessment centre to perform at your very best on the day. This section is full of practical advice to help you.

Section 7: Keeping Going
This final section will help you to stay motivated and review progress. Once you get the job offer, use Chapter 23 to ensure you have considered everything before you say yes. Finally, read about all the additional resources available via a simple signup online.

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