My 1st book, how to get a job in a recession has been completely updated and revised, and the website has too! I never want to stand still, always like to look for ways to improve things. You can see a screen shot below and click on it to go through to the site.

How To Get A Job In A Recession
I’ve just looked at the previous version and can’t understand why I never gave it an update. Just have a quick peek at what it used to look like

Looked fine 30 months ago but now? This reminds me of CVs. Most people create one, get a job and then never look at it again … then they need a new job, and they look at their CV and they realise how dated it is, and they have 48 hours to get things done.
So my suggestion for this week is that you look at your CV, review it with fresh eyes, bring your employment history up to date and check it is going to look good now. If you need help you can choose to work through my Create a CV eBook, read the advice in my book and seek professional advice if you can’t do it yourself.

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