Stop: before you start thinking about interviews.  Is your CV and cover letter ready to do you justice?

Do you know yourself? 

  • What are your strengths?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • How much are you worth?

It’s important to understand yourself to enable you to be a credible candidate.  If you don’t understand your strengths and why you want the job you are unlikely to be successful.
Do you know the company/ interviewer?

  • What is the employer looking for?
  • Who will interview you?
  • What concerns may they have?
  • What are some of the key issues facing the organisation?

As well as understanding yourself you also need to undertake some research on the company you are applying to and must demonstrate that you have done the research at interview.
How do you present yourself? 

  • Do you present yourself as a chief executive, accountant, marketing executive      or does the image not match with what you seek?
  • Do you inspire confidence in others?  Do you walk the walk, talk the      talk etc?

So much depends on first impressions and if this fails to impress you will have a struggle to overcome a negative image. You need to get accurate feedback so you can be clear what changes may make a significant difference.
At the interview

  • Are you confident in how you handle questions?
  • Do you understand the interview process?
  • Have you considered questions to ask?
  • Do you develop rapport and listen well?

A practice interview can make a significant impact on your performance. It is far more effective than just reading through sample questions and typical answers.  

  • Do  you feel you have done your best?
  • What  will increase your chance of success?
  • Are you ready to learn for next time?

Being realistic, you are unlikely to get the first interview you go for so you must take time for an accurate review to enable you to learn and improve for next time. 

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