“I had an interview and the feedback I got was that I was too low energy. You can imagine that was a problem since this was for a sales role. I am a pretty even-keeled guy, and His only hangup was my energy level?  How do I respond to the interviewer, and what do I do going forward?”

It sounds like you were interviewed by an extrovert, high energy person who was looking for someone similar.
You want to be ready with all the examples of how you are successful in sales, and how you adapt to different potential customers.
That’s the experience bit, but this person wants to see and hear your energy.
Here’s some suggestions for next time. Let’s think about what’s going on inside and outside. Inside you know you can do it, and are enthused but it’s not coming through so find inside you the energetic enthused you from a previous, possibly non work situation and hold that thought. How did you feel act – was there more passion in how you spoke? More energy? Changes in how you hold your body?
Now take that and make it come to the outside – make some changes to your voice tone and posture and let this energy shine through.
You’re not looking got a radical change but a shift of maybe 10% All the best for next time,

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