How to improve your interview skills

Interview coaching to learn interview skills by recording your answer scan help you get the job. Getting one to one specific guidance will help you to prepare, answer questions more effectively and build confidence.
You can help yourself improve your interview skills:

  1. Identify possible interview questions. Look at the job description and think about what your interviewer may ask you. It could be an example of dealing with a difficult people situation, how you have demonstrated initiative, how you have shown attention to detail.
  2. Look back over your career history and think of examples that could be suitable. With these you want to be specific, not vague. Think about an actual time that you have done this. It will probably be helpful to make some notes. Some people find it helps to actual write out the answer. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and notes may be enough.
  3. Think about your answers, are they good enough? Could you expand and add more. Imagine there may not be a follow up question, what more should you say?

Saying the answers silently in your head is never enough. You need to be able to speak eloquently so

Say your answer out loud. And record it.

You can use your phone to record your answers. You could just do audio recording, but even better is to do a video recording so you can see your mannerisms.

Then play it back!
Don’t get hung up on the sound of your voice. Focus on the content and tone. Notice how you give the answer, what you say and critically evaluate.
Now you can answer again, can you be more succinct, be more descriptive?

The purpose is to get confident in providing your answers. You aren’t an actor, learning a script, you want to sound natural.

So, practice your replies, and get more confident for your interview.

Or want more help … contact me for personalised interview coaching.

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