You must want the job!

One of my clients has emailed with good news, he’s got an interview next week, he’s not sure if he wants the job but said that he would go along as it is good for interview practice.
No, No, No!
You must want the job you apply for otherwise you are setting yourself up for rejection.

Think about it.
If you really want the job you will do lots of research and preparation, you will carefully research probable questions, you will think hard about how you really match up with the job spec and carefully list the questions to ask.

BUT if you aren’t committed …
Your preparation will be half hearted
You will do some research but could have done more
but most importantly you will be unlikely to come across as someon committed and interested in this particular job.

And the result will be …
Is this really want you want? Is this the experience you wanted to gain? To get a rejection letter? How is this helping your job search?

The Best Approach
You only apply for jobs you actually want.

If you get approached
Decide if you want the job, or would take it if offered. If you answer yes to either then give 100% to your preparation. If not, politely decline.

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