15 tips on making a shortlist

  1.  Be clear on what you are selling – what have you achieved, not what you have done! Use achievement bullets, the best way to describe your strengths.
  2.  Make sure your CV and letter are error free – errors will lead to the reject pile! Check the spelling, and get someone else to read it through.
  3.  Include a clear summary, the powerful opening statement.
  4.  Take the focus off you, and move it to the company. You have to sell yourself. Make sure they know how you can help them.
  5.  Follow reply instructions – if it says to include a hand written letter, do so.
  6.  Do not be afraid to phone the recruiter or company to chat about the vacancy.
  7.  Always get a name for the cover letter. If it’s not in the advert, use your initiative and phone and ask.
  8.  List skills and experience, gained from hobbies plus languages that relate to the job.
  9.  If seeking to change sectors, look for common cultural links between the two work environments, such as comparing the fast moving nature of retail with that of information technology.
  10.  Display good judgement by selecting the right, relevant information. Make sure the CV and letter are fully focused on the job.
  11.  Don’t let a mail shot approach, look like it is. Personalise all letters. If you can’t use mail merge, learn!
  12.  Do not send photocopies.
  13.  Explain your current role.  Do not assume people will know what your responsibilities are.
  14.  Describe how your work has led to measurable outcomes, benefiting your organisation.
  15.  Send a follow up letter to re-emphasise your enthusiasm.
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