What do you want to do?  What jobs are available?

My clients and enquirers differ.  Some people are very clear on what they want to do but need help in creating a more effective CV, interview coaching etc.
Many more have no idea what to do and they are getting down as they apply for so many different jobs that none have properly targeted applications.
Recently Chris approached me, there are few jobs in the industry he has worked in so he needs to look for a different type of work but what?
The typical approach is to look at your CV and to see how you can use your skills for a different job, but what if you don’t like using the skills you have?  Just because you are good in finance type work you may want something very different, or your skills as a quantity surveyor may just not be needed, or the competition is so strong because of the current economic climate that you need to do something else.
Choosing to retrain or take some courses could be helpful, but what course to take? What can be helpful is to take account of

  • What is likely to come easy to me?
  • What courses are available?
  • What jobs are available?

Whilst much of my work focuses on helping people to identify a job they love and one they plays to their strengths, there is also a need for realism – what jobs are going to be available and where can there background be helpful and enhance any application.
So if you are looking to move into a new work area, thinking about the answers to these questions should be helpful to you. And if I can be of any help please do get in touch.
Don’t forget my book – How to get a Job in a Recession will be useful to help you to go through the practicalities of job search.

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