Today I spoke to Ali, 20 minutes before her interview for CEO.  We’d already had an interview coaching session on Monday and I offer these short “just in time” calls to ensure my clients are going to perform at their best.

It’s a chance for me to remind clients of their strengths  to get them in a peak state and address any last minute questions.

As I write this Ali will be finishing her interview. She should be walking out of the building feeling that she gave it 100%.

Many people walk into an interview or assessment centre feeling nervous. When I did a “just in time” session a few weeks ago with Martin he was feeling quite pessimistic and was telling me about all the reasons why he wouldn’t get the job, how he didn’t have enough experience, and more.

I said STOP quite loudly and told him to stop allowing such negative thoughts to fill his mind. I’d done some in-depth work to help him to identify his perfect career and this was it. So I reminded him of his strengths, why this was such a good job for him and got him to get out of the car and walk with his back straight and to step into the space in front and BE CONFIDENT. 

He got the job as a University researcher and said that this last minute call gave him the inner confidence he needed.

What sort of preparation do you do just before an interview – I’d really be interested in hearing your thoughts.

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  1. Well, just got the phone call, Ali got the job – you are such a star! she said, I am delighted for her and so pleased she has got her perfect job.

  2. Brilliant, just heard today that another of my clients got his ideal job today – he’s excited and I’m delighted for him.

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