When you apply for jobs you need to ensure you use the right key words (Nouns) as these are used by HR departments and ATS software to decide who to get through the first sift. This can be difficult, so let me share a process that works.


Step 1: Get the detail from the job description of the job(s) you want. It works best if you get job descriptions from more than one ad. Choose your favourite job board or the key aggregators such as Indeed and Simply Hired.

Step 2: Paste those job descriptions in the right-side box below

Step 3: Paste your CV/ Resume to the left-side box. Then click Scan. you can also do this for your LinkedIn profile.

Step 4: Adjust your CV to include more of these key words. 

Please bear in mind this is American software, and it is likely to tell you that your 'resume' is too long, this relates to the US approach to resumes. Also, many job descriptions are quite short, but it is still worth doing, I've completed this for one of my clients and found some small areas to tweak for the particular job he is applying for. If you make changes to your CV keep it with a different final letter so you can revise your original CV.


Useful Information

  • The algorithm is based on what is common amongst the top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems

  • You should aim for at least an 80% match, and ideally 90%. If you get stuck in how to do this I can provide a CV review service

  • The more you can match exactly to the job requirements the better, so see if they ask for Project Management or '… manage projects' and would MBA be written out in full – Master’s of Business Administration

  • Soft skills such as verbal communication, teamwork, collaboration matter are less likely to be searched for than hard skills such as Linux, Java, or accounting. Make sure you include as many of the hard skills as you can.Are cover letters still important today? Are they being scanned?

  • Cover Letters may not go through the ATS software so make sure you get everything relevant in your CV. The cover letter is relevant when you make a direct approach to an organisation or apply to a smaller company.
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