Have you come across this hashtag on LinkedIn?

Me neither, but LinkedIn Influencers are talking about it as a way of signifying Open to New Opportunities with minimal loss of your precious 120 characters in your headline.

And did you know that only 32 of these show up in an initial search unless people click to view your whole profile. If you didn’t know, you are not alone, it is almost a fulltime job to keep up to date with the LinkedIn changes!

Lynda Spiegel, a member of the hashtag #ONO founding group and others found that this term – Open to New Opportunities – was the most common one used by people who are out of work, but this is not a keyword that recruiters search for. But making it short, and promoting it could mean that recruiters will include it as a search term. Other people are starting to use #LetsWork but I’ve never come across this.

It could be worth doing … or maybe you should focus on using the keywords that recruiters will search for and making sure that your profile is focused and compelling.

As a job seeker you also can focus more on finding jobs via LinkedIn to apply for and along with following your target companies and belonging to relevant groups you could also use these hashtags that recruiters and hiring managers are likely to use to advertise their job listings: #TopTalent, #Recruiting or #NowHiring.

and if you need any help with job search or more effective use of LinkedIn, please get in touch.

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  1. Jared J. Wiese August 25, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    I’m the 3rd member of the #ONO initiative. I appreciate the share, Denise!
    We agreed hashtags are not enough. Yet the power is real. I made a similar one-word change on LinkedIn and got a job. But you also need networking, settings, SEO and good engagement to stand out!
    I just got someone flooded with 50+ recruiter calls and a job within a week – all using #ONO the right way!
    All ONO content: https://jaredjwiese.fyi.to/ONO
    The #ONO (Open to New Opportunities) group on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/10394320

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