Had an email from a client who is finding it hard to make the transition. I’ve said to him:
Knowing your ideal job is great. Looking for a job in this field involves
1 – applying for jobs you see advertised
2- Using contacts, and approaching companies direct to make your own opportunity.
Recruiters are unlikely to be helpful. Most don’t look beyond the typical candidate with a background in a particular area and can be quite disparaging of people who don’t fit their ideal profile. Don’t forget recruitment is a sales job and they are looking to make their commission, not to be your career advocate.
Sometimes looking a bit wider can be good and keep focused on your longer term goal
A                  B                  C                                                                    D
So if you are at A, and your ideal position is D, taking job B and/or C can help you get to where you want to be, but you need to be focused and not get distracted by thinking you need to pursue a career off job B. Keep focused on your longer term goal.
Perhaps you could put a question out on LinkedIn or the OU forum to find out other people/s experiences of making a similar move.
Follow the advice in my book and if you want us to book a session to develop a specific approach for you do say. I’m also going to be updating all my eBooks over the next few weeks, working on the CV one at the moment, so will let you have a beta copy in return for feedback.
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