Good working practices

A new job is a great time to review how you behave at work.  Some of us can be influenced by the people we work with and get into bad habits such as getting in late, doing the minimum, moaning ….
This is a great time to be the person you have always wanted to be.  I’m not suggesting you make radical changes, that would be too hard a change to maintain but some minor changes can really help in the early days to create a good impression and set things in place for an ace annual review and a chance of promotion.

What image do you want to portray?

We all have an image, whether created consciously or not. Before going in on the first day, consider what ‘image’ the employer feels is appropriate to your job – appearance, clothes, life-style, attitudes, use of language  and think about what you need to change.  Do you need to look a bit smarter, be a bit more positive …  the company think you can do the job so make sure you live up to their expectations.

Define your future

This is your chance to be the person you want to be. If you want to be seen as friendly, act in a friendly way; if you want to be seen as effective and efficient, don’t take too many tea breaks and be sure to return from lunch promptly.

Be friendly

Make sure to say hello or good morning and smile to everyone when you arrive at work. Be careful about sharing too much personal information about your social life or how stressed you feel in the job.  Some of your colleagues may not be easy to get on with but give them time, they may worry about how their work will change as a result of you joining the organisation and they may have applied for your job but been unsuccessful.

Don’t be too keen on making a good impression

There is a lot to take in with a new job, so pace yourself. You are learning a new job, building relationships and settling into a new team, that’s a lot to take on and it will take time.  There’s a temptation to work like mad from day 1 but better to pace yourself and make sure to give yourself enough time to reflect, refocus and reprioritise. This will stop you having to slow down at a later point and look as if you have lost your initial enthusiasm.
Tomorrow I’m going to share 25 tips to make a positive impact in your new job.
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  1. Lynn Tulip March 25, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Very sound advice as always, Denise

  2. Denise Taylor March 25, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Thanks Lynn, one of my clients starts his new job today so this is the advice I’ve sent him.

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