This week children are back at school with shiny new lunchboxes and pencil cases. Others are getting ready to head off to university.

January may be a time to set resolutions but September is a great time for a new start.

Take time to take stock

You’ve probably not got time off work till Christmas. Now is the time that many will question if they are in the right job. They get an uneasy feeling that something isn’t right and there must be something better, but what?
A career review can help – time to look at what you like and dislike in your current job, consider options within your company and options outside.
Not to rush into making a decision, but to understand more about what is right for you, taking many factors into account.
Here’s something that should help


Over the week ahead make a note of:

  • All the things you like in your job and that you would like more of
  • Everything you dislike
  • What you are good at but you don’t get to use in your current job

And rate your level of satisfaction. If it’s a 6 or above you are unlikely to make a move but 5 and below you are definitely open for something new.
I also want you to think about your non-working life.
What do you do outside of work that you enjoy?
For me it’s going to dance classes, listening to music, going to the cinema and crime thrillers on TV.
I’d like to have more time to read, but rarely have the time for this, it’s not a high enough priority for me right now.
I also go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I don’t enjoy it but weight training is good for me and I know I have to do this.
When I talk with clients many times they list things they would like to do but don’t have the time. Sometimes you have to make room for something new. I’m now much more selective on what I watch on TV.
The space for what you want is taken up by what you settled for instead
We can often be dissatisfied with our career because we expect it to meet all our needs. It can be more useful to take a balanced view of our lives and consider how happy we are with our significant other, family and friends, our health, interests and spiritual well-being.

It takes time to make a change

It can easily take months to move into a new job, and can take longer, so for now think about how to increase your happiness in other areas of your life.
Spend more time with your interests, or take up a new one. Prioritise your friends over staying late at work.

Can I help?

If you want more and would like to schedule a session to discuss your career, I recommend the Discovery session, just £140 for a 1 hour skype session including pre-work, a recorded session and relevant follow up material.

I spent last week at Twinwood Festival and had a fantastic time, (despite the dreadful rain on Sunday and Monday). It was so good I’ve already booked up for next year. Sharing I was going meant that I was able to meet up with 2 clients Julie and Adewale.
Have a lovely weekend
Till next time

Denise x

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