Not getting shortlisted, what’s going wrong?

Had an enquiry yesterday from Ben. He can’t understand why he is not getting shortlisted despite excellent qualifications. I replied to him with
Thanks for getting in touch.
Many people are good at what they do but are not taking the best approach to job hunting.
Having qualifications is important, so too is work experience. I wonder to what extent you provide details of actual things you have done? This could be from paid jobs but if not you could find it helpful to undertake some unpaid projects that you include.
Check your CV. Is it fully focused on the requirements of the job? Too many people focus on what they want from a job rather than what they can offer.  Dig deep to provide clear details of achievements that are relevant to the job.
Are you applying via online job sites? Many of the jobs do not exist, they are from agencies looking to get CVs for their database.
Other times the jobs have already been filled as the jobs are posted to more than one site, but they leave them up as a form of advertising.
People are less polite now and many people fail to acknowledge. Many times I offer replies such as this and get no thanks back from people, it seems to be the way it is nowadays.
You could be competing with 200+ other people, so you may be looking good on paper but they have shortlisted the absolute best.
Think too of your cover letter, does it make someone want to meet you or is it a bit boring?
Often the best way is to go direct – approach companies, volunteer for an internship, network like mad, using LinkedIn and face to face, go to events etc
Do you have an online portfolio?
I cover this in my book – Find Work at 50+, don’t let the title put you off, its useful for people of all ages.

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