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 At a time when jobs are scarce and competition is fierce, standing out at interview is more important than ever. Award-winning psychologist Denise Taylor’s new book is for anyone that has received a ‘you’ve been shortlisted’ letter and wants to feel more confident and prepared for their forthcoming interview.
 “Too often when I’m recruiting people, at all levels, they fail to do themselves justice: they don’t give specific answers to questions and stick to the general and vague. It can be even worse at assessment centres, where some candidates really understand how to portray themselves and tackle the exercises, and others miss out on their ideal job for want of knowing what to do. In my new book, I’ve used my 20+ years of experience to give you the knowledge to be successful.”  
 Denise Taylor, February 2010

 ‘Denise Taylor’s new book `Shortlisted’ provides any jobseeker the know-how and outlook necessary to win over potential employers upon reaching the crucial interview stage. As a recent graduate myself, it is common knowledge that once you have been able to secure this all-important interview, the most challenging aspect is being able to dazzle the panel. As we all know this is not as easy as it looks! Denise’s expert advice and multitude of experience enables you to do just this and covers all potential areas that an interviewee might encounter at this stage. A hugely worthwhile investment!’

You can read more on Amazon using this link The book is available from all good book stores.



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