The Most Popular Job Sites

There are so many job sites, and using the most popular is not necessarily going to be best for you. I recommend sites like aggregate jobs from different sites.

According to research from Experian Hitwise, published in Recruiter ( here are the most popular sites

  1. LinkedIn                                              20.03%
  2. Indeed UK                                         12.22%
  3. Reed                                                     4.66%
  4. Total Jobs                                            4.10%
  5. JobRapido UK                                        2.92%
  6. NHS Jobs                                               2.88%
  7. CV Library                                        2.53%
  8. Jobsite UK                                            2.21%
  9. Guardian Jobs                                2.07%
  10. Monster UK                                       1.65%
  11. TES Connect                                             1.51%
  12. Direct Gov                                    1.37%
  13. Job is job UK                                     1.24%
  14. Telegraph jobs                        0.97%
  15. Simply Hired                                0.83%
  16. Fish 4 jobs                                             0.80%
  17. Jobs Today                                    0.68%
  18. Branch Out                                     0.63%
  19. Jobs AC UK                                            0.61%
  20. Trovit UK Jobs                                        0.61%

I knew LinkedIn was popular but didn’t realise that 1 in 5 of every search for jobs was to LinkedIn, although this may
include people using the site for networking and not just searching for jobs.

The number of popular visiting the government job site is low, and it could be that this is below the radar of many. I’m not a job searcher, so it is hard to look for jobs when I’m just doing this for research but I think this list can be helpful for you as a job searcher.

Suggested approach

  • Be clear on the job(s) you are looking for – write it down so you are clear
  • Take a look at each of these sites and see if they advertise these jobs
  • How does each site rate against the sites you usually use? Is this a better site? If so you may want to sign up and start to visit regularly.

Don’t forget though that these are the biggest sites, and you may find a niche site is much more effective for you.


All the very best with your job search


Brought to you by Denise Taylor, award winning career coach with Amazing People.

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