Redundancy is stressful and even if you got a great payoff it is still a time of sadness. Accept that it may be a shock and that you will need time to work through this and come to terms with your new situation.
It can help to think of the benefits of the situation you are now in.
This can be helped if you have a redundancy payment, but whether you have a financial settlement or not it helps to look at alternatives – the different options that are available to you.
Before making a radical change do some research, find out as much as you can online and then talk with people to find out more. If you think there may be a possibility for redundancy in the future, make sure you keep your CV updated and you are active on LinkedIn.
If you are going through a redundancy it may be hard to see it in a positive light but there can be a positive side to losing your job:
Most people don’t seek out change, and ‘plod along’ but situations such as this can jolt people into reviewing their life and make changes. Many didn’t really enjoy their job but stayed as they didn’t know what else to do.
Some people have a wakeup call following an illness. They realise their life was out of balance or unhealthy. It forced Mike to rethink his high stress sales role and move to a support role to his wife’s business with one benefit being they spent more time together.
For Julie, the continual stress of being a National Sales Director was affecting her health and meaning she spent little time with her family. Following a period of illness and recuperation she took on a lower paid but more local job and enjoyed having more time for family and wider community.
Richard thought that his work in educational administration was well paid, but he felt unfulfilled. A reorganisation resulted in his job being made redundant. Working with a career coach resulted in him identifying legal executive as something of interest and he moved into this new career area.

If you think redundancy may be on the cards, its worth thinking about options now. Get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help.

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