Many people get nervous about tests – these helpful hints and tips will enable you to perform at your best.

In the lead up to a test session make sure you learn as much as you can about the sort of tests or questionnaires you may be asked to complete. If you are sent a practice test make sure that you complete it; and read any other details very carefully.
Some tests will place greater emphasis on accuracy and others on the number of questions attempted, always ask for it to be made clear before hand.
Don’t be alarmed if other people appear to be working more quickly. It doesn’t mean they are getting the answers right!
The best thing to do in preparation for a psychometric test is to get a good nights sleep the night before and try to relax.  It is also in your best interests to NOT do psychometric tests in the following circumstances:  If you are tired; If you are suffering from stress (whether personal or work related); If something happens (such as an accident) on the day or the day  before the day of testing; If you are sick (e.g. flu, viral infection).
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