More possibilities of redundancy, how safe is your job? It might not be directly to do with your industry, but the knock on effects could make things less secure. You could do nothing and wiat and see if the redundancy notice appears, or start giving it some though now.

If jobs are to go, staff may get an outplacement package and this can be really helpful. I’m currently working with a company offering a supportive one to one service to help the staff who have been made redundant move on from the redundancy with a great CV, support to find a new job and interview training. Not everyone is so lucky. Some people get nothing, and others may have a half day group programme which is really just playing lip service to supporting staff.

No one is secure in their jobs any more. We never know what might happen so here are a few tips to ensure you are marketable:

  • If you enjoy your work and want to continue on this sort of work make sure that you do a good job so if some staff have to go they are more likely to keep you. It is not just doing a good job but letting other people know you are doing a good job.

  • If you enjoy your work, keep your skills up to date.  Don’t just rely on previous experience but seek out training and other ways to develop yourself.

  • When you need to apply for jobs you will want to have examples of what you have achieved to enhance your application so make a note of new things you have done and problems you have overcome and keep this list updated.

  • Think through where you want your career to be in the future- 2,5,10 years on and look for how to develop yourself for the future so you know what would be a good next step to aim for rather than to be willing to take whatever you can get.

  • Use the information to create a CV and keep it updated so it is ready.

I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does do ask your company about outplacement support.

Published On: June 18th, 2008 / Categories: Job Search /

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