Back in 1981 I took my first Open University course. My sister had gone to University, I was working in a clerical job but always thought I could do more. I picked up a leaflet on the OU and thought it was perfect for me. I only had 4 ‘O’ levels so could start without a need for A levels.

It was hard going to begin with, but it helped that between signing up and starting I did a return to study course at my local college and also a correspondence course from my union.

Years later I’ve got masses of qualifications, all gained via part time study – so why am I going back to undergraduate studies?

Because I want to learn something in a structured and systematic manner with a method of assessment to prove i’ve leart what I set out to learn. So i’ve signed up for E233- Sport and Exercise Psychology. This is soething I’m doing because I want to do it, not because anyone has told me to.

I’ll be doing an occasional update on this.

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