Did you have a good weekend?

Running my own business I’ll often spend Saturday with clients and the rest of the weekend doing admin tasks, writing short articles and staying in touch with clients. I enjoy it, but its not a break, hence i like to get away at weekends, it does me good to be away from my computer.

This weekend has been different.

If you read my newsletter last week you will have read how I’ve been looking into buying DJ decks etc. I’ve now done it. For those who are interested I’ve bought 2 x Pioneer CDJ 400 decks, a Numark MBX06 mixer, speakers and DJ head phones. The system is set up and I’m playing to get to understand the equipment.

It’s been such fun, and I hardly spent any time at my computer this weekend.

I’m lucky I REALLY love my job, but not every one does, so it’s important that we have something else to look forward to?

How happy are you in your career? If it’s less than 70% you may well be looking for a new job, but having a passion outside of work can help make you more satisfied with life.

Let me know what you do?



Published On: June 9th, 2008 / Categories: About Denise /

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