Have you got an elevator pitch? You probably do – career coaches and job search experts have been promoting the use of them for years.

I have got clients to practice a 60 second pitch but I’m now moving away from this.  Do you really want to make a pitch to someone? So I’m getting my clients to focus more on creating a conversation and not only does this feel more comfortable to them but it leads to much better connections.
But maybe you have never felt comfortable with them. It really is a bit weird to make what amounts to a minute or longer speech because that’s not how we normally speak.  Its also very salesy, and even sales people don’t want to go too much into this mode.
When we talk with others we have a conversation, we say something, they reply … and wouldn’t it be better if we replaced our ‘elevator speech’ with something similar? And this isn’t just for people who need a job, we are all in business to get customers – either directly or through letting others know of the work we do so it makes sense to have a new style elevator speech.
Ever curious I’ve been looking for great examples to share.  This first video makes some great key points.

 key points

  • The need to have a conversation
  • Talk like a real person not just talking in ‘business speak’
  • Wait for the person to want you to tell more and then give a short story
  • Wow – How – Now
    • What you do
    • How you do it
    • Now give an example

Another great video is here.

A search on YouTube will find many more, but don’t get too distracted, get started on thinking through what you want to say.
Create your own Wow – How – Now, and get ready to make some great relationships with others.
Do you like it, let me know your thoughts below.

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