The Highlands Ability Battery is the most popular assessment I offer and I get great feedback from clients, just one was disappointed in over 1,000 feedback sessions. I have lots of information on my website, including an introductory video where I give an overview. You can also read much about the assessment on that page and I don’t want to repeat it all here but you may be interested in what you get in addition to taking the highlands assessment

Overview of the Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective measure of your relative ability to do specific things from solving problems to remembering what you read. It tells you what you’ll find easy, what will be difficult and is the foundation to effective career choice. The Highlands Ability Battery comprises 19 separate validated objective career aptitude tests. The Highlands Ability Battery isolates natural abilities and analyses combinations of aptitudes in addition to individual aptitudes.
The highlands company have recently produced a video with clients talking about what they gained from the feedback session and I thought you would like to see it.

Get Career Coaching with a Highlands Certified Consultant from The Highlands Company on Vimeo.

What is included when you buy the Highland Ability Battery Career Aptitude Test

The payment includes

  • Everything you need to take the assessment online
  • Downloadable 26 page main report
  • Downloadable 34 page Career Exploration Supplement
  • In-depth feedback discussion (around 90 minutes)
  • Additional 27 page reference booklet: Highlands Explored to help you get a deeper understanding of the assessment
  • 10 Steps to a Job you Love eBook sold for £10 (please request this)
  • Recording of our discussion (Access the MP3 recording from a download site) so you can listen again to what was discussed
  • 1 page Critical Career Implications summary which provides all key information on one page for easy referral (if adult version is chosen)

Please get in touch if you are interested in taking this assessment.

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