When I decided to write a post on consistency I realised that it was a wider topic. There is the consistency of our actions. If we want to lose weight, get a new job or adopt a new habit we need to behave in a consistent manner, keeping going with what is important to achieve our goals and avoiding things that don't help us.

That's what is good about measurement, we can check that we are going in the right direction and moving towards a goal.

There is also the wider consistency of how we appear to others. This can include the type of clothes we wear. Are they in keeping with the job we seek? What sort of impression does it give to others?

Then there is our social media presence – is this consistent

When we appear online with a blog perhaps, LinkedIn profile, Facebook etc. it’s easy to end up with different images and an inconsistent message. And people may not realise that it's you. I have a friend whose LinkedIn profile is focused on her out of work activity, she’s trying to get a business off the ground. But she is also looking for a new job, having been made redundant yet the LinkedIn profile can lead to inconsistency and a potential employer can be confused wondering how this side business fits in with working for them in a full time role.

My You Tube page never had a header, and there were different styles on different sites. So I’ve opted for a new style which you will find if you look me up on Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook



Face Book



You Tube

You can see there is a clear theme but also some changes to make them most relevant to each site. I like them and I hope you like them too.


So back to you:

  • Are you taking consistent action to reach a goal?

  • Do you appear consistent in how you appear online and in your words and action?

  • Would it help to create a plan and have someone holding you accountable?

Please get in touch to discuss how I can be of help.


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