Yesterday I did some short listing for a job. Applicants had to answer 3 competency based questions. I did wonder if some of the candidates had actually looked at the competences.
For this company, all applicants were given quite a lot of detail on the competences and that’s a clue! If you are told that a competence is “Dealing with change” that’s what you should address, looking at all the elements of the description and making sure that you address them.

As assessors we don’t want vague comments, but specific examples. The people that supplied this were shortlisted and those that failed to address the requirements would get the regret letter.

I always feel for the people who get rejected, I think I can see what they are getting at, and if I was coaching them I could help them to provide very good examples, but as an assessor I need to be objective.

I’ll sometimes do a one off service for people, reviewing their application forms and cover letters to enable them to sell themselves in the best possible light. Let me know if this would be helpful for you.

I’d love to know what you think and it would be brilliant to hear your views either below or on my facebook page – I think it is so much more interactive than on a blog. If you aren’t already linked to me on FaceBook here is the link:

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