I like to follow what recruiters are saying about the job situation. Here’s the key highlights from a recent survey from JobVite.
60% of job seekers are equally or more optimistic about job opportunities than last year.

45% of people in work see their current job as temporary

A recent JobVite survey report has found that half of employed job seekers see their current position as only temporary – 45% of workers will move to a new job even though they are happy in their current job. Not surprisingly the numbers are greatest with those aged 18-39 year olds and only 32% of 55+.

Money and Work/life balance – the reasons people will leave their job

Money IS the decider on whether people leave a job for a new one. But so too is work/life balance. Both men and women (38%) value work/life balance when considering a new job.

Job Hunting – much more is done on a mobile

More and more job search is done on a mobile, and the report found that 38% during a commute, 30% on the job and 18% in the bathroom.
What frustrates job seekers is a complicated registration process. When looking for a job 49% expect to be able to see job listings without registering.

Using Social Media

  • 67% of job seekers using social media use Facebook
  • 45% of job seekers using social media use Twitter
  • 40% of job seekers using social media use LinkedIn

This isn’t necessarily to find job openings but recruiters will start to use these channels to raise their brand profile and to get people interested in working for them. Hence organisations now have their own Facebook page.
Younger, highly educated people are most likely to use social media to look up information about the skills/experience of current employees at a company of interest.
Baby boomers are not using LinkedIn or Facebook to their advantage for finding connections and networking. Only 6% of those 55+ use LinkedIn compared to 25% of 30-39 and with Facebook only 2% of 55+ use Facebook compared to 16% of 30-39 year olds.
Older job seekers need to be encouraged to be more active and savvy users of social media (My emphasis).
Access the report here – http://web.jobvite.com/FY15_Website_JobSeekerNation_LP.html

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