Planning a change of career, or seeking to advise your young adult child on career paths to explore? The list of the top 40 jobs of the future is worth a review.

We no longer have a job for life, and many new jobs are being created particularly due to new technology. We make choices based on knowing who we are, and understanding our strengths, but we also should consider what is happening ‘out there’, taking account of Labour Market Information (LMI). To make a choice it is helpful to look at this list of jobs.
Government analysis have found these jobs to be the most crucial over the next 10 years based on this criterion

  1. Pay: How much do people earn on average in the job?
  2. Job opportunities: How much is the job expected to grow in terms of the number of people employed, and which jobs have the greatest recruitment demand?
  3. Business need: Which jobs do employers say are difficult to fill because of lack of candidates with the right skills and experience?

Top 40 jobs of the future – Agriculture:

  • Farming

Top 40 jobs of the future – Business and Finance

  • Sales accounts and business development managers
  • Business and financial project managers
  • Finance and investment analysts and advisers
  • Chartered and certified accountants
  • Management consultants and business analysts

Top 40 jobs of the future – Construction

  • Carpenters and joiners
  • Architects
  • Construction project managers
  • Plumbers and heating & ventilation engineers
  • Chartered surveyors

Top 40 jobs of the future – Education

  • Secondary school teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Primary and nursery education teachers
  • Senior education professionals

Top 40 jobs of the future – Health and Care

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Health care assistants
  • Care workers and home carers
  • Dentists

Top 40 jobs of the future – Information Technology

  • Programmers and software developers
  • IT specialist managers
  • IT business analysts, architects and systems designers
  • IT project and programme managers
  • Web designers and developers

Top 40 jobs of the future – Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance

  • Electricians and electrical fitters
  • Metal working production and maintenance fitters
  • Pipe fitters

Protective Services

  • Police officers

Top 40 jobs of the future – Science, Education and Technology

  • Mechanical engineers
  • R&D managers
  • Physical scientists
  • Design and development engineers
  • Biological scientists and biochemists

Transport and Logistics

  • Aircraft pilots
  • Large good vehicle drivers
  • Ship officers
  • Train and tram drivers

Want to learn more? There are 2 Government documents you can download via this link

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