There is bad flooding in Gloucestershire and we are trapped in our village.

Here’s a photo of what the entrance to our village is like, so not going out any time soon.

Still we are warm and dry, and have the welcome company of Zainab who came here for a coaching session yesterday and is unable to leave the village.

There’s no point in moaning of what we can’t do but to appreciate that we are safe and warm and have plenty of books to read.

Any suggestions of what you would do if you were trapped?

denise x

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  1. steve July 27, 2007 at 6:51 am

    I have seen picture of the flooding around that area and it all looks crazy. If i were trapped i would ensure that the building is secure as possible and if i didnt have access to additional supplies I would make sure that food was rationed. Apart from that it would be as you say, reading books. Hope all gets better soon in your part of the world.

  2. We now have mains water for flushing loos and showers, being without water for 5 days as really made me appreciate it and whilst I’ve always tried to be careful, I’ll be even more so for the future. Thankfully our house wasn’t flooded and we did have sufficient dried goods for food.

  3. Update from Denise
    It has been so weird seeing my town on the news every day, we have been fortunate, we were cut off for two days but the house wasn’t flooded, although it was very several houses in the village. we have had tap water since Friday afternoon but can only use it for showers and flushing the loos and washing clothes. its very odd using bottled water for washing up!
    we have had water delivered by plane from Germany and will be on bottled water for a couple more weeks.

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