Undercover Job Search. Looking for a new job when you are employed can make you feel like an undercover agent, needing to cover your tracks. Le’ts look at 7 tips.


I’ve written these as 3 of my recent clients are unhappy at work and are looking for a new job, they all need some Undercover Job Search Tips

Undercover Job Search Tip 1

An effective way of finding another job is using LinkedIn, so make sure that any updates are not shared to your network. You don’t want your boss, or noisy colleagues noticing that you have finally got around to polishing your profile.

Undercover Job Search Tip 2

If you may be going for interviews during a work day make sure that you don’t dress noticeably different for work. You may need to change outside of the office or to start dressing smart each day, and if you use public transfer this will be your best approach.

Undercover Job Search Tip 3

Be careful who you share your plans to look elsewhere with at work. A colleague could use this against you and tell your boss, meaning that you aren’t considered for an interesting short-term assignment.

Undercover Job Search Tip 4

Keep any changes to your CV/resume and any applications to your home computer. You never know who could look at your screen and see your edits, and you want this information well away from shared servers. You can keep copies in the cloud, so you have access to send on during the day when you want to make a fast response.

Tip 5

When you post your CV/resume on job sites you can take your company name off and use a generic description instead.

Tip 6

Make sure you use a personal and not your work email address, it’s more professional.

Tip 7

Interviews may be arranged for after work, but not always, so what will you tell your boss? You can’t go to the dentist every week, but there are somethings that warrant a weekly appointment such as visiting the chiropractor.


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