Why no blog yesterday you may ask?  Emily was really sweet and emailed to ask me if everything was ok. So what happened?I was in London for a business event and decided to combine it with getting our visas for our trip to Southern India.  

I’d posted our applications off 5 weeks ago but they had come back as I’d made an error – I hadn’t read the form correctly and sent a personal not a business cheque. So it was all returned with just a few weeks till we go away. I got to the High Commission at 6.30 and there were already about 200 people in front of me in the queue. So that was a 2 1/2 hour stand, and it was cold, very cold and I was wearing heels, so not really dressed for a queue but I’d decided to do it on the spur of the moment.

The queue moved quickly but when we went inside there was a real lack of information. My ticket told me to go downstairs but everyone was going upstairs and I entered a really crowded room. It was unclear there what you needed to do. So there was more wasted time and a need to ask people to find out which queue to join.I wasn’t the only one unclear about what to do and there was a lot of challenge going on with people trying to push in, some intentional but others just unsure.

I had already chatted with the people near to me in the queue so that was a positive element, and one of the people, I think her name was Viv was going to go on a trip with her Buddhist group. She coped with the uncertainty so much better to me.

I did learn something about myself through this. I don’t cope well with uncertainty. If I’d been told what was happening I would have felt a lot more comfortable. As long as I know the process I’m fine, but without it I do flounder.

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