Looking for work, or considering a career change, it is easy to be stuck in the past, and only to think of the well-known jobs. But there are so many more.

What jobs will emerge in the future? Here are a few:

  • Data trash engineer
  • Cyber-attack agent
  • Juvenile cybercrime rehabilitation counsellor
  • Voice UX designer
  • Joy adjunct
  • Smart home design managers
  • Flying car developer

and learn more and find more via this PDF: 

Cognizant produced an earlier paper with 21 more jobs for the future including:

  • Fitness commitment counsellor
  • Personal data broker
  • Data Detective
  • Cyber city analyst
  • Genetic diversity officer
  • Personal memory curator

here’s the link to save the PDF.

and 21 HR jobs of the future

  • Chatbot and human facilitator
  • Head of business behaviour
  • Human network analyst
  • Director of well-being

Access the PDF here. 

Truly a fascinating site and I’ve browsed the first 15 pages to see what else may interest you, you may like:

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Time to browse more – here’s the link

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