I’ve been searching and found some useful articles on companies are hiring. Many of these may be to US openings, but what is happening there, should be similar to in the UK

Companies that are recruiting

Companies Are Still Hiring During COVID-19—Here Are 97 That Want Your Applications Now

This list includes pharmaceutical companies – e.g. GSK, Banks, Healthcare, Software, Financial services … there are masses of companies that could prove useful as you can think of the UK equivalents and make a direct approach to them.

A LinkedIn  list


and a suggestion to check out posts with #nowhiring

2020 US Industry Trends

Work related to online learning, jobs where high level people skills are required, and can’t be automated. Work related to the development of self-driving cars.

The top 15 emerging jobs in the US

  1. Artificial intelligence specialist
  2. Robotics engineer
  3. Data scientist
  4. Full stack engineer
  5. Site reliability engineer
  6. Customer success specialist
  7. Sales development representative
  8. Data engineer
  9. Behavioral health technician
  10. Cybersecurity specialist
  11. Back end developer
  12. Chief revenue officer
  13. Cloud engineer
  14. Java script developer
  15. Product owner

and you can download a report here:


I’ll be adding to this post as I come across additional resources.

Good luck, Denise x

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