When people look for a new job, one of the most popular methods is to register with recruitment consultants. I tell clients that the recruiters are not there to help you. It’s the companies that pay their bills and unless they think they can place you, and thus make money out of you they are unlikely to give you much help and support.
I read an interesting blog post from Recruitment Dad – The Failure of UK Recruiters – A Scientific Study. His study involved him calling 20 different recruitmnent companies and for each of them asked
‘I am relocating from Northampton to X and am looking for work. Can you help me?’
You can read the results on his site, key points are
  • Only 7 asked the candidate what their name was!
  • Only 2/3rd asked what type of work the candidate was looking for
  • Only 1/3 asked for details on the candidates background
  • Only 3 arrange for the candidate to have a face to face interview
  • Only 3 asked for the candidates phone number
  • Only 1 made the candidate feel confident they had phoned someone who could genuinely help
  • 5 behaved in a way that the candidate would describe as “rude” (perception is reality)

I’d love to hear your experiences, please either share below or contact me direct.

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