You know you are ready for the next step, but you are struggling to get shortlisted. I’ve been working with a couple of clients recently, both seeking 6 figure salaries and both had ineffective CVs.
Here’s what I told them

  1. Your CV is boring

You’ve been told that your CV should reflect the seriousness of your role. But it means it is boring. It lacks any flair and style.
>> Let’s jazz up the layout, it’s as important as content, include more white space and judicious use of colour.

  1. Your CV is too short

>> You’ve been told people only spend 9 seconds looking at your CV, so you think shorter is better. But with your level of seniority you need enough space to explain what you have done. And avoid the long list of bullets, short paragraphs that explain the impact made can make the reader want to find out more.

  1. Your CV is text heavy

>> Make it easy for the reader to navigate around your CV. Use headers and sub headings to divide up your expertise

  1. Avoid the long profile summary

Never to sure how it started but many people are still using the long paragraph which covers what they are looking for and vague statements on what they have done.
>> Make it short and punchy, give a high level over view of what will follow. Make it clear why they need to read on.

  1. Add your LinkedIn link

You may have a LinkedIn account but to be valuable you need to share it. Recruiters will look you up on line so make it easy for them to find you. And if you are embarrassed about your LinkedIn profile we need to talk.
>> A link to social media accounts especially LinkedIn is essential for many positions. People want to read more about you. If you have a Twitter account (or other social media) have links to these too. If you don’t have links it makes you look like you don’t understand the importance of social media.

And if you dread the thought of doing this yourself – I can do it! Read more about my CV makeover service here.

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