Let me bring you up to date with what I’ve been doing.

When I went to Manchester to film – How Safe is your Job? with ITV the producer/director asked me when I was going to write a book.  He asked me a few times and encouraged me to think about it. Never one to let a good idea go by I began to think about what and when. I already have 9 workbooks for sale on my web site, but I had a vision for bringing them all together into one book, making them tighter and focused on job hunting in a recession.

The last two years we have gone back packing at Christmas but this year we had a 2 week break at home, I was planning to do some business development but mid December decided my focus should be on this book.

I started writing it on 19th December and it was ready by 11th January – I keep improving it of course but it is nearly there and with my editor and almost ready for page layout.

I’ll write some more tomorrow


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