I offer clients a complimentary eProgramme – 10 steps to a job you love which you can get from signing up on my website.  See the sign up box on the top right of every page.

I created this as a means of helping people to get thinking about who they are and what they want in a career. Some people will use this as a means of getting to know me and the work I do, with steps in the programme including
1. Why you want to change careers?
2. A clear vision of your future work environment
3. What you love to do
4. Your personal style and how to describe it, which links to details on the
5. Your skills
6. Your interests, which links to details on the
Strong Interest Inventory
Your values and how they drive your career choices
7. Your abilities, which links to details on the
Highlands Ability Battery

A recent subscriber wrote:


Hello Denise,
A couple of months ago I turned to you for advise, and because my current work situation was so chaotic I felt that wasn’t the ideal time to engage fully in a personal coaching program, but signed up your free e course and read some of the articles in your newsletter and blog.
And that was all I needed, I have now landed my dream job!
I can’t tell you how good I feel about this!
I have what others consider to be a "good job", but there were so many things that are not in line with my personal values and what I feel good about.

First I started by checking out your advise about "what to do if you hate your job and just can’t leave". That helped to reduce some stress in my current situation. And then I started doing all the exercises in your e- course…

And by completing all the exercises (well at least going through them) and getting to "know me" I did so well at my 1st interview!

My objective with that interview was just that I wanted to be well prepared, feel good when I left and make sure I felt good about my performance, that I had managed to do my best!
And I did!
Thank you so much
I remember just reading your emails and the material you sent me initially started to fill me with positive thoughts…and now 2 months or something later I have found a great job! A job that involves many of the key elements I want in my ideal job!
Thank you so much for inspiring me to get round to making this change
Kindest regards,

Why not sign up for the 10 steps to a job you love eProgramme and see where it gets you?

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