I’m very interested in what makes us different, how we stand out. We need to play to our strengths and own our differences. For me, the best way to idenitfiy this is through taking The Fascination Advantage.

This is short, just 28 questions taking about 5 minutes.

The assessment will help you to understand: How do you naturally fascinate? It helps you to focus more on who you are rather than what you do. Otherwise you will be seen as a commodity. If you are seen as a commodity you are replaceable and vulnerable.

Your personality has a natural speciality; it is the ultimate differentiator. It’s how you do what you do and how you do it differently than everyone else. This is what makes you fascinating – instead of a job specialty, this is a personality specialty.

  • It’s not enough to be great. you have to stand out in some way. Don’t try to be better, highlight how you are different.
  • To succeed in a competitive environment, don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are.
  • You won’t win by being invisible, you win by being seen and remembered.

There are 7 different ways that we can fascinate others

7 different ways to communicate – the 7 fascination advantages. No one way is better than the others but one or two will be more effective and authentic for you. Once you know these you can say that you thrive in certain roles.

  1. Innovation – the language of creativity
  2. Passion – the language of relationship
  3. Power – the language of confidence
  4. Prestige – the language of excellence
  5. Trust – the language of stability
  6. Mystique – the language of listening
  7. Alert – the language of details

Your primary advantage is your most effective way of communication. It is how you are most likely to add value in work and in life. How you naturally connect with people. Using this you can be more authentic and confident.

Your secondary advantage describes your second highest mode of communication. Your secondary advantage describes how you use your primary advantage, it doesn’t cost you a lot of effort or energy to use your secondary, you can almost think about this like a language that you already know how to speak.

These are combined together resulting in one of 49 combinations.

My archetype is ‘The Avant-Garde’ based on my primary advantage of Prestige and my secondary advantage of Innovation.


What’s great about The Avant-Garde is

  • My mind works quickly to develop unconventional solutions.
  • I’m a prolific idea generator. You bring fresh interpretations of the same old thing.
  • I tweak the game. You change the rules.
  • I bring new ideas and execute them to a high standard.

If you have worked with me you will now that’s a great summary of who I am.

Where is not great about The Avant-Garde is

  • If others force me to follow the same routine over and over again, you’ll become bored and demoralized.
  • I enjoy experimenting. You reinterpret the status quo.
  • I avoid doing monotonous work. Others get the most out of me if I can tweak procedures, reinvent the rules, and create new business models.

That’s why I did poorly in one job in my past but succeeded, dramatically in a new business area.

You can use the specialty adjectives as part of your personal branding. Here’s a peak at mine.


I’ve got 100 codes to share to allow you to take the assessment for free and get a short report. You then have an option to pay for the full report.

  • Use this link: bit.ly/2016YAF

  • Please use this code: YOU-Amazing 

Once you take the assessment I’d love to know what you think, please add your comments beneath this blog post.

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