I am a huge fan of LinkedIn, and wrote an ebook which I regularly update – How To Use LinkedIn To Find A New Job, now in it’s 20th edition!

I keep my knowledge up to date, recently completing changing to ensure I write effective profiles.
Recently I came across a great SlideShare presentation and wish I’d created it! It covers everything I detail in my ebook using great images.
It reminds you of the need for

  1. A complete profile, using every section and making sure to include key words
  2. A personal invite – it’s just laziness to send a generic invite, and personally I (almost always) click ignore, I don’t know this person
  3. Connect your connections – be a conduit, do good things
  4. Meaningful status updates
  5. Use it as a way of finding out more about an organisation from someone who works there
  6. Write a recommendation or endorse a skill, don’t expect to get them if you don’t give them first

You can watch the slide show here

LinkedIn really needs to be an essential part of your career management and job search strategy. With my eBook you have all the information you need, in an easy to follow format to get up and running.

For now, watch the video and take a critical review of your LinkedIn profile. Then, if you think you need some help get in touch.

And why not connect with me, but do send a personalised request please!

Brought to you by Denise Taylor, double award winning career psychologist with Amazing People (www.amazingpeople.co.uk) and the author of ‘How To Get A Job In A Recession.’ My 7th book ‘Getting the Job You Want’ published by ICON books is now on sale.

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